The Association by Sharon Ann Ziegler

First of all I will say – WOW – because that sums up this gem of a book perfectly! This was my first foray into legal thrillers and I must say it has really blown me away. If you are a fan of well written, intriguing plots with a mystery at the heart of it and a book that is utterly thrilling and enormously gripping then look no further, this is for you! 

I was completely involved in the characters and their stories and was desperate to discover what would happen. It was written beautifully and Ziegler gives you a few nuggets of information, which makes you think you have figured out what will happen, but then you are completely surprised with the outcome. I was genuinely shocked at the ending – I just did not expect it at all and I loved it! 

This book certainly had the wow factor I look for with books. It is an exciting read and ultimately will be the best thing you read this year! By the way this is Ziegler’s first novel – I know I am desperate to see what else she has to offer us! 

 A young attorney is asked by the Wainrights to look into the presumed corruption at work within their community. They live in a luxury lakeside community Covington Commons, which has three neighbourhoods: Eagle’s Nest, Mockingbird Heights and Peacock Plains. Only one of these neighbourhoods is remotely luxurious and that is Eagle’s Nest, which boasts of fabulous amenities and is super glamorous whereas the other two are in a complete state of disrepair and utterly unkempt. The young attorney delves into research and discovers the ruling elite are the board and committee members of the Association and she needs proof of their dishonest behaviour. Guess where they live, Eagle’s Nest! Follow this hardworking, intelligent and caring attorney in her journey to discover the nature of the underhand, sinister workings going on at Covington Commons, trust me it is truly amazing!