New Year, new me?

It is at this time of year where everyone begins their resolutions to be better than ever before. Whilst it is great to set goals and achievements I think this year in particular we need to be kinder to ourselves given the difficulties of the previous year and the struggles many are facing due to the pandemic.

So, with this in mind I am going to be kinder to myself this year. I am going to enjoy (or attempt to) everything that comes my way with the knowledge that I am NOT perfect and never will be. I will let the chips fall were they may – I am just going to be me! I will set goals but I am also going to celebrate minor achievements in order to boost my confidence and feel positive.

Last year I got a bit behind with my book reviews so my first goal is to catch up on writing reviews from last year so hopefully there will be more content up here soon. My first achievement which I will celebrate is that I managed to read 82 books last year and I am so proud of myself! YAY!

In short, it may be a new year but it is still the same old me.

Love Sophie’s Books Galore x