A Murder at Rosings by Annette Purdey Pugh

My rating – 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What an absolute marvel this joyous murder mystery is! I was hooked from the very first page. With the allure of revisiting some Austen characters I was desperate to get my hands on a copy of this. I devoured it in one sitting, of course, and it certainly did not disappoint. 

There has been foul play at Rosings Park and Lady Catherine is not best pleased! The ground of Rosings have been polluted by the murder of Mr Collins. The local constable and magistrate are on the case and set about investigating this terrible crime but soon discover their prime suspect is a near relation of the deceased, none other than Mr Bennet himself. It seems that everything is lost until Mary discovers a vital secret which may be able to save her father.  

You can expect an intriguing plot which keeps you thinking and attempting to discover the culprit. You will find a wonderful set of characters who blossom into being before your eyes and a tale which will take over your heart and soul. I especially adored the friendship between Anne and Mary who bonded over their love of learning Greek. It is sensational and I urge you to grab yourself a copy- you will not regret it!

I was kindly #gifted this copy in return of an honest review. THANK YOU SO MUCH to @RandomTTours @APurdyPugh #AMurderAtRosings 


Book Review of Protector by Conn Iggulden

My rating: 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The second instalment Conn Iggulden’s ‘Athenian’ series was unsurprisingly just as brilliant as the first, ‘Gates of Athens’. As with all Iggulden’s work it is exceptionally well researched, enthralling and eloquently written. Where the first book dealt with the Battle of Marathon and Thermopylae this one begins with the infamous naval battle of Salamis. Athenians have fled the city which is now burning to the ground on the orders of the Persian king Xerxes. The women and children find sanctuary on the island of Salamis and the men take to the water to meet the Persians and defend their home. Strategy is paramount considering they are greatly outnumbered. Although it looks like an impossible feat, the clear-headed Themistocles comes up with a plan which may just help their plight. Following this spectacular naval battle, the Persian army return to conquer the Greeks at the battle of Plataea and what ensues is an intense and utterly thrilling battle. The Athenians are joined by the Spartans, whose ruthlessness in battle is all too well known by the Persians. 

This all consuming, action packed novel takes you to another time and place, you feel like you are living history. You stand alongside the Athenians and their allies on the battlefield, the smell of sweat and blood in the air consumed with dread at the prospect of meeting the enemy in battle. This epic tale consumes you completely and is surely unbeatable in the realms of historical fiction. 

This is so much more than an account of battles and bloodshed, here you get insightful political strategy, an understanding of cultural intricacies and an exquisite exploration of human emotion.  A must read for all historical fiction lovers and anyone with an interest in ancient history. 

I was gifted this beautiful proof edition by Penguin Michael Joseph in return for an honest review.


Sing me a secret by Julie Houston Review: 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I absolutely loved this book. It was a wonderful treat, a lovely quick easy read to devour on the weekend. It follows the lives of four sisters all brought together again when one moves back to Yorkshire from London. With a secret at the very heart of this tale the sisters must come together to overcome their troubles.

In the Yorkshire village of Westenbury life is spectacularly eventful. With a choir competition, family drama, secrets, romance and a whole lot of fun it is no surprise that I loved my first of Julie Houston’s books.

Houston is perfectly marvellous in her storytelling, she captures the beauty and pain that befalls the sisters. This is an entertaining read though moments of emotion are portrayed with exquisite poignancy. The characters are well developed and lovable with the exception of a few individuals who you shall discover your dislike upon reading!

My favourite of the sisters is Juno, her lovely house with the chickens, a rather naughty pony and two precocious children is just charming. The philandering father of these lovely daughters unsurprisingly a Classicist given their names. Each of the daughters have their differences yet ultimately their love for each other will bring them all together again.

It is without a doubt, that I can say I will be reading more of Houston’s wonderful work. It was an utter joy to read and I feel as though I was back in Yorkshire. This book made me feel nostalgic about my life in Yorkshire and I long to go back.

I want to thank the publishers Head of Zeus for this gifted copy.


The four Sutherland sisters have all had very different paths in life, but one secret and a slighty tense production of Jesus Christ Superstar are about to bring them all back together again…
When the news that pop-superstar Lexia Sutherland is returning to Westenbury, not everyone is thrilled by the news – including Lexia. There are too many memories she doesn’t need to face – or need re-surfacing.

Meanwhile, Juno Sutherland just wants a little peace and quiet. As the local village doctor, she’s got her priorities in order; kids, job, husband, tenacious pony, a role in the village musical… So when the sexy new locum turns up – and steals her office – the last thing she needed was to be hit with rising temperatures and an over-active imagination.

Will these sisters be able to uncover the past, deal with the future and put on the performance of a lifetime?


The Association by Sharon Ann Ziegler

First of all I will say – WOW – because that sums up this gem of a book perfectly! This was my first foray into legal thrillers and I must say it has really blown me away. If you are a fan of well written, intriguing plots with a mystery at the heart of it and a book that is utterly thrilling and enormously gripping then look no further, this is for you! 

I was completely involved in the characters and their stories and was desperate to discover what would happen. It was written beautifully and Ziegler gives you a few nuggets of information, which makes you think you have figured out what will happen, but then you are completely surprised with the outcome. I was genuinely shocked at the ending – I just did not expect it at all and I loved it! 

This book certainly had the wow factor I look for with books. It is an exciting read and ultimately will be the best thing you read this year! By the way this is Ziegler’s first novel – I know I am desperate to see what else she has to offer us! 

 A young attorney is asked by the Wainrights to look into the presumed corruption at work within their community. They live in a luxury lakeside community Covington Commons, which has three neighbourhoods: Eagle’s Nest, Mockingbird Heights and Peacock Plains. Only one of these neighbourhoods is remotely luxurious and that is Eagle’s Nest, which boasts of fabulous amenities and is super glamorous whereas the other two are in a complete state of disrepair and utterly unkempt. The young attorney delves into research and discovers the ruling elite are the board and committee members of the Association and she needs proof of their dishonest behaviour. Guess where they live, Eagle’s Nest! Follow this hardworking, intelligent and caring attorney in her journey to discover the nature of the underhand, sinister workings going on at Covington Commons, trust me it is truly amazing!


Set The Stars Alight by Amanda Dykes Book Reveiw: 4 Stars

As soon as I began reading this masterpiece I was wholeheartedly invested in the characters and their stories. This sensational tale of wonder encompasses everything I love about reading, I want to be completely taken over by the story and desperately feel their woes and joy, to really feel their plight. This book is an exquisite example of a book which takes over your soul, seeps into your heart and shakes your whole existence. 

This is a tale which holds the purest of loyalty, true hope and wonder at its heart as the search for truth begins. Discover these endearing characters who ooze strength, bravery, inquisitiveness and wonder at life’s mysteries. Easily enter into the confidence of these characters who overcome real suffering and feel the pain of their sorrows for them. 

Lucy and Dashel are childhood friends who both realised their love of researching through Lucy’s fathers love of storytelling. As adults they became researchers, Lucy of the sea and Dashel of the stars and together they embark on a journey to discover the whereabouts of a lost ship 200 years ago. 

Heading back in time Amanda Dykes takes the reader on a journey of loss, loyalty, betrayal and the purest of hope. Switching between time periods join these wonderful characters on a wonderous journey which will stick with you forever.