Lucinda Riley, The Seven Sisters book review: 4 stars!

Where to begin… This book was truly wonderful. Riley writes exquisitely and immediately lures you in to her well-crafted story. First we meet all the sisters as they return to the family home, Atlantis, upon hearing Pa Salt their father has passed away. We learn that the sisters, named after the Pleides known throughout various cultures mythology and as the star constellations, were all adopted by this elusive billionaire living in Atlantis on the lakes of Geneva. Here we get a glimpse of the sisters’ personalities and are intrigued to learn of their untold stories, which you will discover, in the following books.  Each has been given a clue to their true heritage and this book allows Maia to search for hers, which takes her to Brazil. 

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Maia arrives in Rio in search of her true history after hiding away for years. This journey into her past will ultimately help her to heal and find what she desires. At first I was not completely enamoured with Maia, but throughout this book her personality flourishes as she learns more about her heritage. 

We also go back 80 years and meet Izabela Bonifacio daughter of Antonio Bonifacio who is intent on her marrying into the aristocracy. Izabela, a passionate young woman who I instantly felt drawn to, sees she must do her duty but yearns to see the old world and discover the beauty of art there. Heitor da Silva Costa, intends to travel to Paris in search of the perfect sculptor for the ‘Christ the Redemer’ for which he is organising the construction. Izabela who is friends with his daughter sees her one chance to live her dream and takes it and embarks on a life changing journey Europe. 

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If you are looking for something to hold you under its spell and literally inhale then this book is for you. I was desperate to discover the stories of these to woman from different times who were undeniably similar. This is a beautiful, tragic story about searching for truth in the past only to discover the beauty of the future. This book is not to be missed, it is heart wrenchingly exquisite and I have fallen in love the characters and the story that Riley has created.

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