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The Loch by Dee Taylor

My rating: 4 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mystery and the lore surrounding Loch Ness is at the heart of this intriguing novel. It is not just the monster that dwells within the loch that is being searched for. The much-coveted gold of Bonnie Prince Charlie lost for years is also drawing many people in with the hope of a cash prize for the one who discovers either. 

I was drawn to this wonderful book because it promised a gripping tale full of mystery and thrills, and that is just what you get. Yet I was not prepared for being transported to the highlands and being so enthralled by even the smaller details. I never thought I would be so tense reading about someone attempting to catch a pike, but it was just so powerful! 

The lure of the plot really held me throughout and as I learned more about the characters, I became even more involved. Tina with a troubled past comes to Scotland with her new partner Jack who quickly becomes obsessed with the lore of the loch. They both decide to stay to discover more with the help of a highlander. Romance, mystery and suspense ensue which, turn out some rather unexpected yet intriguing circumstances. 

I would certainly recommend anyone to read this book as it is well written, the characters are interesting and well developed and the plot is gripping and engaging. What more could you want?

I was gifted this copy in return for an honest review. Thank you to Dee Taylor, The Conrad Press and Random TTours for this opportunity.


The Association by Sharon Ann Ziegler

First of all I will say – WOW – because that sums up this gem of a book perfectly! This was my first foray into legal thrillers and I must say it has really blown me away. If you are a fan of well written, intriguing plots with a mystery at the heart of it and a book that is utterly thrilling and enormously gripping then look no further, this is for you! 

I was completely involved in the characters and their stories and was desperate to discover what would happen. It was written beautifully and Ziegler gives you a few nuggets of information, which makes you think you have figured out what will happen, but then you are completely surprised with the outcome. I was genuinely shocked at the ending – I just did not expect it at all and I loved it! 

This book certainly had the wow factor I look for with books. It is an exciting read and ultimately will be the best thing you read this year! By the way this is Ziegler’s first novel – I know I am desperate to see what else she has to offer us! 

 A young attorney is asked by the Wainrights to look into the presumed corruption at work within their community. They live in a luxury lakeside community Covington Commons, which has three neighbourhoods: Eagle’s Nest, Mockingbird Heights and Peacock Plains. Only one of these neighbourhoods is remotely luxurious and that is Eagle’s Nest, which boasts of fabulous amenities and is super glamorous whereas the other two are in a complete state of disrepair and utterly unkempt. The young attorney delves into research and discovers the ruling elite are the board and committee members of the Association and she needs proof of their dishonest behaviour. Guess where they live, Eagle’s Nest! Follow this hardworking, intelligent and caring attorney in her journey to discover the nature of the underhand, sinister workings going on at Covington Commons, trust me it is truly amazing!


Review of ‘The Hit List’ by Holly Seddon: 4 stars

Unputdownable, gripping, intense and utterly thrilling. ‘The Hit List’ will have you sitting on the edge of your seat biting your nails with anticipation to learn how the story will unfold. This is a must read for any mystery and physiological thriller lovers in need of something to whisk you away from reality and completely take over your senses. I found myself desperately trying to discover what would happen before the mystery unfolded but it constantly alluded me. Seddon’s cleverly written story gives you enough nuggets of information to make you think you may know where the story is headed but then your thoughts are dashed as she takes the story in a different direction. 

The story follows the widow Marianne, who lost her husband in a bike accident. Lost in grief and wallowing by searching through her late husband, Greg’s belongings. On his laptop she discovers something that will shock her to the core- her own name on a hit list. Throughout the book the author switches between perspectives and we see through the eyes of Marianne, Greg and Sam as the story develops. I really enjoyed being able to learn more about each character through their own voice and how others saw them. This fast paced, addictive thriller tells of the dark web, assassins, morally questionable behaviour and makes you question how far you would go to protect someone that you loved. 

I listened to the audiobook which was narrated by Chris Reilly, Damian Lynch, Perdita Weeks, Stephanie Racine, and Tuppence Middleton. I really enjoyed how each brought their character to life and made an already stellar story shine brighter! 

I want to thank NetGally and Holly Seddon for my audiobook copy in response for an honest review.